House Rules

Character Death:
Characters remain standing until reduced to 0 or less HP, at which point they are considered incapacitated. If reduced to negative HP, they receive an additional critical hit. If a character ever reaches negative HP equal to their Stamina, they die.

Incapacitated characters must be either healed magically, or bandaged (with a 10+ Intelligence check) within a number of turns equal to their level. The -1 Stamina penalty described under Bleeding Out resets each day. Note that the Recovering the Body rules do apply as written.
Experience Gain:
In addition to the Experience rules found in the core rulebook, characters can gain experience outside of adventuring by finding a trainer of their appropriate class or spending their hard-earned coin on a night of irreversible fun.

  • Spending GP at a Trainer:
    Provides double experience per GP spent. A trainer must be found and can only train one character at a time. Players can train other players, but only if their character is twice that character’s level.
  • Carousing:
    Provides double experience per GP spent. The more money spent carousing, the greater the chance that something terrible happens to you.

Armor Max AGI Bonuses:
Studded Leather/Hide: +4
Scale: +3
Chainmail: +2
Banded: +1
Half/Full Plate: 0

Character Creation:
After surviving the 0-level funnel, players may create a single character at level 1. All characters must be played at least one session before being retired. Obvious attempts at suicide will be met with disdain and sour looks.

Bardic Tales:
Any player can contribute to the Adventure Log to help keep a log of past adventures, representing your character spreading tales of their exploits. Doing so provides two benefits: 10d12 gold and greater recognition in the world. NPCs may even start referring to the party as “your party”…

House Rules

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